Oily Hair

Oily hair is very annoying. You can wash it everyday, but who has the time? ( Plus with all the styling ). Plus, it’s not good for your hair. Also oily hair tends to look flat with no volume. Here is EVERYTHING you need do to get rid of oily hair:   1. Stop Touching […]

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At Home Spa/Pamper Yourself

Tidy up. Prep. Massage. Snacks and drinks. Detox water. Remove all your makeup. Robe. Steam. Bath decor and setup. Flower petals, music, towels, bubbles, milk bath, spray, salts, dim lights. Eycalytpus. Beauty treatments. Hair Skin Eyes Nails and Feets Mani Padi Foot Bowl. Body Room spray and pillow spray. Beayty treatments salon treatments diy Drinks […]

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reddit oily hair https://www.bustle.com/p/the-7-best-hair-masks-for-oily-hair-57046 Dry shampoo/cornstarch, train with dry shampoo Only wash it every other day, shampoo less, shampooing makes it produce more oil as for products I use Lush’s avocado cowash, Batiste dry shampoo, Argan Magic shampoo & conditioner, Renpure coconut mint cowash and dove dry oil. I hope you find what works best […]

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Feminine Hygiene

1. Use baby/wet wipes to keep fresh trough out the day. Unscented. 2. Wear more cotton. Silk, satin, polyester, lace wholes cotton piece inside . breathable. is pretty but it needs breathe. You can still wear it but not everyday. Sew a cotton line in your favvorite underwear. sleep in no underwear loose shorts large […]

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best organic body lotion

5 Natural Moisturizer Recipes For Smooth & Silky Skin

A natural moisturizer is always better. Here are 5 you can find in your kitchen that will make your skin glow:   1. Aloe Vera Aloe is the primary ingredient in almost all beauty skin care products because it has the incredible capacity of moisturizing your skin without turning it greasy or oily. In fact, […]

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natural toner

15 Natural Toner Recipes For Glowing Skin

Here are natural toner recipes and face mists that will leave your skin beautiful and glowing:   1. Rice Water   Rice water is the dense milky fluid that remains after you’ve washed the rice. It’s rich in vitamins B, C, and E, and other minerals with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. It has many skin […]

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natural face wash

9 Natural Face Wash Recipes You Can Make

A natural face wash is always better than a store bought one. You will need just a few ingredients & a bottle. Here are 9 natural cleanser recipes you can DIY:   1. Green Tea Face Wash   Green Tea is high in antioxidants and has anti aging properties. It also fights acne and heals […]

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green tea face mask

6 Green Tea Face Mask Recipes ( & More Green Tea Beauty DIYS )

Green Tea is amazing for the skin. Here are 6 green tea face mask recipes plus more green tea beauty recipes you can DIY!   1. Clay Mask   You will need: Clay Tea Tree Oil Matcha/Green Tea Combine clay and matcha/pour green tea and add a few drops of tea tree oil.   2. […]

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sugar lip scrub

21 Sugar Lip Scrub Recipes For Soft and Beautiful Lips

Why spend money on lip scrubs when you can just make some natural ones at home? There are so many sugar lip scrub recipes you can try! These make great gifts as well. Just grab a container.  21 sugar lip scrub recipes:   1. Basic Brown Sugar Lip Scrub Ingredients: Brown Sugar Coconut Oil Honey […]

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sugar scrub

35 Sugar Scrub Recipes For Flawless Skin

Exfoliation is a must if you want beautiful, clear skin. Why not try these natural sugar scrub recipes?   1. Green Tea Scrub Green Tea Olive Oil/Tea Tree Oil/Coconut Oil Sugar Optional: Aloe Honey Empty the tea bags and combine the leaves with the sugar. Add the oil and mix in.   2. Coffee Scrub […]

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