strawberry legs

Strawberry Legs: THIS is how you get rid of them

Strawberry legs are those annoying dots you have on your legs. This is how you get rid of them. 1. Start Waxing, Sugaring Or Epilating First, how you do remove the hair? The main cause of strawberry legs is wrong hair removal. Switch from shaving to waxing or epilating. Sugar waxing is even better. You […]

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damaged hair

Damaged Hair? This Is How To Fix It

Damaged hair huh? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Whether it is because of bleaching blonde and the love of trying out different colours, or just heat styling addiction, there might be ways you can fix it and restore it back to its original glory. Don’t cut it all off just yet, […]

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fine thin hair

Fine Thin Hair: How To Get Big Volume & Hair Care Tips

1. Condition Ends Only Stop putting conditioner on your scalp. Only condition your ends! You do not need to condition your roots because it’s new growth and you have oils to moisturise. Applying conditioner all over weighs down your fine/thin hair and flattens your roots. 2. Go Silicone Free Silicones coat your hair and weight […]

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natural skin care routine

Natural Skin Care Routine You Should Try For Beautiful Skin

A natural skin care routine is better for the skin and cheaper too! Give it a try: So to remove your eye makeup, just use an oil and a cotton pad. Olive, jojoba and coconut work great. (Just be careful with coconut oil if you have acne prone skin, it can clog your pores). Another […]

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natural face wash

4 Natural Face Wash Recipes You Can Make Yourself

Making your own diy natural face wash is a must try! So to just remove your eye makeup, you can use an oil like jojoba or olive or coconut ( be careful with coconut though, it can clog your pores if you are acne prone ), with a cotton pad. Rose water is another simple […]

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feminine hygiene

Feminine Hygiene: 10 Tips You Need To Know

Here are 10 feminine hygiene tips and a feminine hygiene routine you NEED to know to avoid infections, bad smells and more problems: 1. Wear Cotton Yes, silk, satin, synthetic, lace underwear is pretty but it’s not good for your vagina. Your vagina needs to breathe so the best underwear to wear is cotton. It […]

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beauty tips

28 Beauty Tips You Must Find Out

Here are 29 Of The Best Beauty Tips and tricks Ever: 1. Dry Your Hair With A Cotton T shirt For Frizz Free, Beautiful Hair Instead of a towel. Using an oversized cotton T shirt prevents breakage and frizzy hair. You will notice a huge difference in how your hair looks. 2. Tea Tree Oil […]

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body skin care

Body Skin Care: Get Smooth, Soft, Silky Skin All Over

Body skin care is just as important as face skin care. You want smooth, soft, silky skin all over, so you not only look good, but feel good: 1. Cleanse Shower in lukewarm/warm water. It’s so much better for your skin! Hot water feels nice but strips the oils from your skin and leaves it […]

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frizzy hair

Frizzy Hair: This is How You Get Rid Of It

Frizzy hair is extremely annoying. Luckily, there are ways you can get rid of it: 1. Get Yourself a Satin Pillowcase This will make your hair so much less frizzier and prevent breakage and tangles. It’s also good for your skin! ( Prevents wrinkles). Everyone should have one, especially those with frizzy hair. 2. Get […]

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oily hair

Oily Hair? THIS is What You Do

  Oily hair is extremely annoying. You can wash it every day, but who has the time? Plus with all the drying and styling only for it to start looking greasy a few hours later. Plus, washing it every day is not good for your hair. Also, greasy hair looks flat with no volume. Just […]

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