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28 Beauty Tips You Must Find Out

Here are 29 Of The Best Beauty Tips and tricks Ever:

1. Dry Your Hair With A Cotton T shirt For Frizz Free, Beautiful Hair

Instead of a towel. Using an oversized cotton T shirt prevents breakage and frizzy hair. You will notice a huge difference in how your hair looks.

2. Tea Tree Oil Gets Rid Of Pimples

Tea Tree Essential oil gets rid of pimples. Apply on pimple to make it go away fast. Just make sure to dilute it.

3. Blow Dry Hair Upside Down For Volume

Next time you blow dry your hair, flip it upside down and blow dry. Finish with cool heat. It is the best trick for VOLUME.

4. Wash Your Scalp, Condition Your Ends Only

This is the right way to wash your hair.

You do not need to apply shampoo all over.

Use shampoo on scalp only and avoid conditioner on your scalp. Condition ends only. Then, rinse with cool water.

This will seriously change your hair.

Conditioning the ends only will also help if your hair is flat or oily.

5. Sleep On A Satin Pillowcase For Better Hair & Skin

Sleep on a satin pillowcase instead of cotton. It’s best for hair and skin.

Not only does it reduce frizzy hair and prevents hair breakage, but also prevents wrinkles.

6. Rose Water

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Makes an amazing natural toner. It’s also very good for the skin and leaves it glowing.

7. Exfoliate With A DIY Scrub

strawberry legs

You can make your own body scrub with just sugar and a moisturising oil like almond or coconut or olive. For extra softness, add honey/coconut milk/vitamin E. Exfoliate your lips too.

8. Don’t Wear Pants/Jeans After Shaving

Do not wear tight skinny jeans/pants after shaving. At least for a few hours. This prevents ingrowns. It’s better to wear a skirt.

9. If You Color Your Hair, Check Out Olaplex

Game changer.

10. Do This Mask For Fast Hair Growth

If you want to grow your hair faster and make it thicker, this mask is a must. Get castor oil. You can use castor oil alone, but for better results, combine it with coconut oil and add a few drops of rosemary and peppermint essential oils. You can also add vitamin E. Do this mask regularly and your hair will be much longer and thicker.

Coconut oil alone helps repair damaged, dry hair. You can mix it with honey for deep moisture.

11. Massaging Your Scalp Upside Down Also Makes Your Hair Grow Faster

Another trick to grow your hair faster is to flip it upside down and let it hang. Then gently massage. Doing this regularly for a few minutes will boost blow flow and stimulate hair growth.

12. Do A Honey Facial

Apply pure, raw honey on your face as a mask regularly and leave it on for 10 – 20 minutes will prevent blemishes and pimples and leave your skin glowing.

13. Remove Makeup With An Oil

You can use jojoba oil or coconut or olive and a cotton pad to remove eye makeup.

14. Try Sugar Waxing If You Haven’t Already

You can make it by your self at home. You might like it more than regular waxing or shaving.

15. Keep Your Hands Away From Hair And Skin

Might sound simple. But during the day you touch your hair and skin A LOT.

And this not only causes pimples but makes your hair oilier faster.

16. Dry Brushing & Coffee Scrub For Cellulite And Firm Lower Body

Make a coffee scrub and use it. Also, start dry brushing. ( This is good for keratosis pilaris too ).

Adding this to your shower routine will firm and help reduce cellulite.

17. Apply Lotion On Damp Skin And Then An Oil

To lock in moisture and leave skin soft.

18. Change Pillowcase Often And Clean Makeup Brushes To Prevent Pimples

19. Use Conditioner Or Coconut Oil To Shave

Instead of shaving cream. You might realise you don’t need it after all.

20. Put Lotion And Gloves On Hands And Feet For Soft Skin

Applying a good, rich lotion on the hands and feet and putting on gloves and socks overnight leaves them soft.

21. Volumized Curls Trick

Blow dry hair upside down, put mousse/volume powder ( Optional ).

Put your hair in a high bun or space buns or bantu knots. Overnight or for a few hours.

The result is beautiful natural volumized waves/curls.

Just sleeping or having your hair up in a high braid or half ponytail or half up hair style for a few hours can give volume to flat hair.

For more volume, you can also use a root boost/root crimper. Crimp the underneath sections.

22. Go Sulfate And Silicone Free

Sulfates and silicones are what you find in your shampoo and conditioner.

They are too harsh on the hair. It’s better to get a sulfate and silicone free shampoo and conditioner.

A cleansing conditioner is also worth trying.

23. Clay Masks

So good for your skin!

Regularly applying clay masks also helps with oily skin and pimples.

24. Smell Good

Moisturise before applying perfume.

Spray on pulse points, your wrists and behind ears.

Spray perfume on hair brush, wait a few minutes and brush hair.

25. Soothe Tired Eyes & Get Rid Of Dark Circles

To soothe tired eyes and reduce dark circles:

  1. Use green tea bags on the eyes.
  2. Blend cucumber, filter juice and soak cotton pads in the juice. You can add aloe. Freeze these diy patches.

26. DIY Dry Shampoo

Use cornstarch/arrowoot powder. You can mix with cacao powder (for dark hair). You can also add vanilla for a nice smell. Use a big makeup brush to apply on hair. This is a great diy alternative to dry shampoo.

27. Coconut Oil Mixed With Vanilla Extract On Skin

Moisturises and smells great. You can use another oil instead of coconut if you want.

28. Rinse Your Hair With ACV

Do an apple cider hair rinse for beautiful, shiny hair.

All these beauty tips and tricks will transform your hair, skin and nails! Give them a try!

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