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Best Natural Body Wash Reviews: 6 Best Ones

The Best Natural Body Wash List:


1. Dr. Bronner Organic Sugar Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Sugar Soap is an organic, fair-trade, Lavender scented body wash. It’s a
4-in-1 product as it has been composed in such a manner that it can be used for hands, body,
face, or even hair! It acts as a moisturizer because the sugar content acts along with the white
grape juice and helps preserve the moisture in your skin, and thus helps make it supple and
smooth as well. The soap is also composed of coconut oil, which helps produce the lather.
Besides sugar, grape juice, lavender oil, and coconut oil, Dr. Bronner’s sugar soap is composed
of a number of other vital ingredients, such as saponified olive oil, glycerin, hemp seed and jojoba oil.

Lavender essential oil is of course one of the primary ingredients in this product as it’s used to
impart the fragrance to the body wash. However, the benefits of lavender oil transcend further
than simply that of imparting a scent. Lavender essential oil is also known for the calming effect
it can have on the body and mind, hence it’s often used in massage oils as well. The scent of
lavender, when it wafts into the nose, triggers the amygdala gland of the brain and helps you
relax. Lavender oil is also rich in antioxidants that can fight against the harmful effects of
pollutants and free radicals, thus detoxing the skin and improving its appearance.

Coconut oil is another crucial ingredient in this body wash. It’s popularly known as a good
hydrating agent as it can help retain moisture in the skin, and it can also create a protective
layer around the skin which acts as a sunblock.

These organic ingredients ensure that this Dr. Bronner body wash isn’t just ideal for the body,
but also for the face and hair.

2. Fieldworks Supply Company

The Hot Springs Organic All Natural Body Wash by Fieldworks Supply Company is a clay based
body wash that’s biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. This product
has been created with the desire to make a body wash that’s completely natural and uses only
the most essential ingredients. They don’t use any chemicals in their product, as they believe in
only using ingredients found readily on earth.

The primary ingredient in this body wash is clay. In addition to that, some of the other
ingredients are saponified coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, shea butter, rosemary,
lavender oil, and vetiver oil.

This body wash is largely a clay-based product. The use of clays in treating skin and body has
been well documented since the ancient ages. The ancient Mesopotamians, Chinese and
Greeks used mudbaths, mudpacks, and similar treatments to cure a number of skin related
problems. Clay has the amazing ability to draw out all the toxins from the skin without stripping it
of natural oils or water.

The primary clay used in this body wash is bentonite, which has the power to clear the skin of all the dirt, grime, etc. Clay also has the ability to tighten your skin shrinking the pores, and this in turn helps keep your skin feeling fresh. Clay is also rich in silica,
which helps strengthen connective tissues, making your skin feel smooth and soft.

Saponified coconut, olive, and sunflower oils help cleanse the skin. They are all rich in
antioxidants and as such they can protect the skin from harmful pollutants, free radicals, and
shield the skin from UV rays.

Aloe vera and shea butter are both great for hydration as they have the ability to preserve the
moisture on the skin.

The lavender essential oil has a soothing and relaxing effect on
the body. These various ingredients interact with each other to make this the best
organic body wash in the market.

3. Oleavine Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree and Neem for Body

This Oleavine Antifungal Soap is the best natural body wash for therapeutic purposes. It’s 100%
organic and natural. No chemicals have been used in the making of this body wash, and it’s
also completely free from preservatives, thickeners, dyes, silicone, and synthetic fragrances. It’s
made using tea tree oil and neem as the primary ingredients, and as such it has various
therapeutic values, in addition to being a great body wash. It can help with body odor, athlete’s
feet, fungal growth in toes, ringworms, rashes, etc. The ingredients present in this body wash
impart it with omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9, which helps moisturize and cleanse the skin.
This body wash has been made using a vast number of ingredients. However, the primary
ingredients are tea tree oil, neem extract, coconut water, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba seed
oil, shea butter and cocoa seed butter.

Tea tree oil is a very powerful natural oil for the skin and is used for a number of therapeutic
purposes. It can help get rid of acne, and is also used to cure psoriasis. According to research,
just a 5% concentration of tea tree oil applied daily is enough to help get rid of all your acne
problems. Tea tree oil is also very useful in fighting fungus, and it can help soften cracked cuticles as well.

Neem is rich in vitamin C, and as such it has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
properties. It can help get rid of common skin problems such as blackheads, wrinkles, pimples,

Shea butter is an essential ingredient in this body wash as it can counter some of the harsh
effects of tea tree oil, should they take root. While tea tree oil risks dehydrating the skin, shea
butter does the opposite by hydrating and trapping the water content in the skin. Ingredients like
shea butter and coconut oil also create a protective layer around the skin, which prevents harsh
UV rays from dehydrating the skin.

These different ingredients ensure that this body wash is the best natural body wash for
therapeutic purposes.


4. Alaffia

The Alaffia EveryDay Coconut body wash is the best natural body wash for nourishing and
hydrating the skin. The product is available in a pump pack so it’s easy to access, and it has
100% fair trade certification so you can be assured that it’s made in full compliance with ethical

There aren’t a lot of different ingredients used in the making of this body wash. The primary
ingredients here are coconut oil, coffee berry aqueous extract and coconut water.

All of these ingredients contribute in different ways towards ensuring that this body wash is ideal
for nourishing the body with essential vitamins and nutrients, while also hydrating the skin.

Coconut oil is one of the best hydrating agents available. The oil is easily absorbed into the pores of the skin, quickly nourishing and moisturizing it. Coconut oil is also incredibly useful as a cleansing agent. Our skin is often vulnerable to a number of factors. Air conditioning, heat, or UV rays can strip the skin of all its moisture content. Free radicals and pollutants can inject it with toxins. Coconut oil helps exfoliate the skin by softening the keratin caps. It enters the pores of the skin, softens the sebum and other harmful pollutants so that they come out to the surface and get wiped away.

All these properties are combined with the antioxidant properties of the coffee berry extract. Together, they help nourish the skin with necessary vitamins and nutrients.

This is why this Alaffia product is the best natural body wash for nourishment and hydration of
the skin.

5. Beessential

The Beessential body wash is made with primary ingredients lavender and bergamot. It’s the
best natural body wash for sensitive skin. It’s made entirely with natural ingredients, and it’s free
from paraben, gluten, alcohol, and animal testing.

Besides lavender and bergamot, the other important ingredients in this body wash are coconut
oil, olive oil, hemp oil, aloe vera, honey, and vegetable glycerin.

Lavender oil provides the soothing sensation to the skin, and its fragrance naturally gets the
body into a relaxing state. It’s also very useful in detoxing the skin of all the harmful pollutants of
the atmosphere without stripping the skin off any of its natural oils. Toxins in the atmosphere can
lead to premature aging and can cause inflammation of the skin. Lavender is rich in antioxidants
that can flush out all the toxins and also protect the skin from further damage. It can also help
balance hormone levels of the skin, and it can gently seep into the pores and kill all bacteria
thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. As such, lavender oil can keep the skin healthy both inside
and out.

If you have any scars on your skin, or if you’re suffering from inflammation or acne, bergamot oil
helps deal with all of that. It’s the ideal ingredient to cure sensitive skin. It helps tone the skin by
evening out the melanin production in the body.

Honey is another crucial ingredient when it comes to nourishing and treating sensitive skin. It
helps keep the skin supple and hydrated with the help of its humectant property to draw
moisture form the air and infuse it into the skin.This helps the skin remain firm and moisturized.

These ingredients help make this Beessential body wash so perfectly suited for people with sensitive skin.

6. Nurture My Body Organic Body Wash

Nurture My Body brings a great organic body wash meant for sensitive skin. It’s
completely free from chemicals, fragrance, and detergents.

The primary ingredients in this body wash include seaweed extract, rose geranium flowers infusion, lavender flowers infusion,
strawberry leaf infusion, chamomile flowers infusion, and many others.

Seaweed is one of the most important ingredients in this body wash. It’s rich in vitamins and
nutrients, and serves primarily as a cleansing agent or a strengthening agent. It’s also highly
alkaline in nature, and as such it can help balance the pH level of the skin and soothe irritated
skin. It’s also anti-inflammatory in nature and this property can help get rid of acne, pimples, etc,
that occur due to excessive sebum production. Seaweed can also help open up the pores of the
skin by getting rid of dead skin cells, which in turn helps prevent blackheads.

Chamomile and lavender infusions are extremely important in this body wash as they help
soothe sensitive skin. The scent that they give off helps relax the muscles of the body, and they
soothe the skin as well. Using this body wash not only helps get rid of blemishes, it also
provides some much needed relief. Both these ingredients are rich in anti-inflammatory and
anti-bacterial properties, and as such they’re also popularly used in the treatment of skin
diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

These properties and ingredients make this body wash by Nurture My Body one of the best in
the market for sensitive skin.

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