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Body Skin Care Routine: Get Super Smooth, Soft, Silky Skin

Body skin care is just as important as facial skin care. You want smooth, soft, silky skin all over, so you not only look good, but feel good:

1. Cleanse Right

Shower in lukewarm/warm water. It’s so much better for your skin! Hot water feels nice but strips the oils from your skin and leaves it with all sorts of problems like dryness. It’s hard but try!

Using a loofah may not be the best because it collects bacteria. Instead you can get an African body sponge or a Salux Cloth or a microfiber towel. You can also use a spin brush. They are better to cleanse your body.

When getting out of the shower, pat, don’t rub body with the towel! It’s better for your skin and prevents body wrinkles!

And for beautiful hair, don’t rub with a towel. To prevent frizz, breakage and split ends, use a cotton T shirt or a microfiber towel instead.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is extremely important! You need to get rid of those dead skin cells.

You can make your own body scrub that will leave your skin super soft. 

Just mix sugar (brown is better) with an oil like almond or olive or coconut. You can add honey and coconut milk and vitamin E for extra softness. You can also add vanilla for a lovely smell.

Make sure to exfoliate regularly. Don’t forget your lips! Exfoliate your feet too. Focus on area like knees and elbows.

Using exfoliating gloves is another thing you can do.

Exfoliating your legs also helps get rid of those ”strawberry legs”, (dots on your legs) and get a smoother shave.

Another thing that is great for the skin is a Korean/Italy Towel if you want to give that a try. It leaves skin flawless.

Definitely add exfoliation to your body skin care routine.

3. Try a Coffee Scrub

A coffee scrub is amazing because it firms the skin and even helps reduce cellulite.

Add coffee grounds to your sugar scrub!

4. Moisturize!

Moisturizing your whole body is very important! Apply the moisturizer on damp skin after washing. You can apply lotion/cream/butter and then an oil after that like Jojoba or Almond to lock it in. This leaves your skin silky soft!

5. Try Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is another great thing to add to your body skin care routine.

It has SO many benefits! It helps shed dead skin cells, boost circulation, firms skin and can help with strawberry legs, cellulite and keratosis pilaris (those bumps on the body).

It leaves skin blemish free, smooth and glowing.

6. How to do Perfect Hair Removal & Prevent Ingrowns and Strawberry Legs:

If you choose to do hair removal, do it right:

Soak you legs for a few minutes. Then, exfoliate and apply conditioner, shaving cream or coconut oil. Never dry shave! Use a fresh, sharp blade every time, replace it regularly and when shaving, don’t press hard and don’t rush. Then, apply unscented moisturizer to your legs.

After removing the hair, try not to wear pants/skinny/tight jeans at least for a few hours. This helps with ingrowns.

If you have strawberry legs you want to get rid of: Start waxing and exfoliate and moisturize daily!

Sugaring is also a great hair removal method. Try it and you might like it more than shaving and regular waxing.

You can make your own sugar wax at home.

7. Preventing and Getting Rid Of Body Acne & Blemishes

If you have back/body acne/blemishes/pimples or want to prevent it:

  • Wash your sheets and pillows often. This prevents facial acne too!
  • Use clean towels
  • Gently exfoliate once or twice a week.
  • Don’t use loofahs, wash clothes or bath poofs. Use your hands.
  • Rinse of sweat immediately
  • Wear loose breathable outfits
  • Shower and change immediately after working out
  • Switch to an acne body wash. Or clay/charcoal/tea tree soap. If you have sensitive skin get a fragrance free sensitive skin soap because irritation makes it worse.
  • Use a body wash for body acne
  • Soak in a an epsom salt bath

8. Hands and Feet

Moisturize your hands and exfoliate your feet too.

You can make a scrub with sea salt and tea tree oil for your feet.

Use a pumice stone on them.

Put on heavy, rich lotion and put on gloves and socks overnight for soft feet and hands.

9. Apply Skin Care & SPF On Neck, Chest & Hands

We all know the importance of skin care and sun screen for beautiful skin and to prevent wrinkles.

But we often concentrate on our faces and forget delicate areas like the neck, eyes, the chest and hands!

Don’t forget to apply it there too.

Follow this body skin care routine for beautiful, healthy skin from head to toe.

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