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Damaged Hair? This Is How To Fix It

Damaged hair huh? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Whether it is because of bleaching blonde and the love of trying out different colours, or just heat styling addiction, there might be ways you can fix it and restore it back to its original glory. Don’t cut it all off just yet, follow this guide first:

1. Coconut Oil is Your New Bff

Coconut oil is a must.

Get organic, cold pressed, unrefined extra virgin coconut oil and do frequent coconut oil masks. Oils your ends every day if you can. Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Argan oil are awesome too. Leave it in for a few hours or even better, overnight.

Regularly oiling your strands will make a huge difference.

2. A Silk/Satin Pillowcase

Get yourself one. 

It is better for your hair. It prevents breakage and frizz and is better for the skin too.

And instead of tight hair bands, use a soft/satin scrunchie too.

3. Start Drying With A Cotton Tee

Your towel is way too harsh for your hair, especially if it is damaged. It also causes breakage. Use an oversized cotton T-shirt to dry.

And never rub! Gently pat.

4. Brush Right

Get yourself a brush that is super gentle. Good options are a tangle teezer, wet brush or just a regular soft brush.

Try using your fingers first, then gently brush starting from the ends. We want to minimize as much damage as possible. Also, brush with conditioner on. Try a boar bristle brush too, it is very good for hair health as it distributes all the oils down. Gently untangle. Brush as little as possible and be very gentle.

5. Go Sulfate Free Immediately

Sulfate is a harsh ingredient used in shampoos. It strips the hair of its good natural oils, leaving your hair with all sorts of problems. You need a gentle, sulfate free shampoo instead.

Silicone free conditioner too.

A cleansing conditioner or a good, natural, mild shampoo is also worth trying.

Also, when washing, only wash the scalp. And don’t wash in hot water, wash in lukewarm! At the end rinse with cool water for a few minutes.

6. Let Your Hair Get A Little Dirty

Especially if you’ve been shampooing often with a sulfate shampoo. Try washing it less, at most 3 times a week. If your hair is very damaged, try stretching it longer. You need those good natural oils for damaged hair! 

7. Say No To Heat. (At least for now)

Yes, it is hard, but try! As much as possible. There are so many beautiful heat less hairstyles you can try.

If you absolutely must, use a good heat protection and use on the lowest setting. And do it only a couple of times a week at most. Let your hair air dry a bit before blow drying. If your hair is very damaged, stop using it completely if you don’t want to cut your hair.

Wear protective hairstyles too.

8. Olaplex To The Rescue

Definitely look into Olaplex. It is an amazing product for colored/bleached/damaged hair.

9. Trim It & Grow It Faster

It is best to trim at least a little bit off. It will be shorter for a bit, but look better.

You can then grow it faster by doing the inversion method, scalp massages and applying Jamaican Black Castor Oil to your hair regularly. Combining it with extra virgin coconut oil and adding a few drops of rosemary and peppermint essential oils ( awesome for hair growth ), will give you even better results. Taking a good vitamin/biotin should help too.

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