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Feminine Hygiene: 10 Tips You Need To Know

Here are 10 feminine hygiene tips and a feminine hygiene routine you NEED to know to avoid infections, bad smells and more problems:

1. Wear Cotton

Yes, silk, satin, synthetic, lace underwear is pretty but it’s not good for your vagina. Your vagina needs to breathe so the best underwear to wear is cotton. It is breathable and good for you. Save the glamorous underwear for special occassions. There is also a trick you can try which is to sew a piece of cotton in that area on your favorite cute non cotton underwear. 

2. Now Let’s Talk About Washing It/Keeping Clean & Smell Free:

(Because there is a lot of misinformation out there). First, you need to know that your vagina is not supposed to smell like roses and candy. No matter what. It is supposed to have a natural smell, every vagina has its own natural scent. Not bad, but its own unique smell. When there is a bad smell, that’s when you have to get it checked out. But it is not supposed to smell amazing. Discharge is also normal too.

Now washing it: You are actually not supposed to be using it any scented soaps or feminine washes down there. Avoid fragrance, especially. No matter what Summers Eve tells you. Never ever use those feminine washes or smelling soaps or body washes, or perfumes or gels. The reason why is because you have a pH level there and using these messes with your pH. And that’s how you get infections, problems and bad smells afterwards.  To wash it, all you need is a gentle, mild, natural, fragrance free soap and warm water. Wash around, but not inside! Your vagina is self cleaning. REPEAT: You do not need any special heavy perfumed fragrance products down there. Just mild soap and water.

3. If You Want To Keep Fresh:

If you are on your period, or its a hot day or you just want to freshen up, you can jump into the shower quickly and wash it for one minute. Another thing you can do is use baby wipes, (unscented!).

4. Don’t Stay Too Long In Gym Clothes & Bikinis

If you’ve been working out or in a bikini, it’s important you change into clean, dry clothes as soon as possible. All the sweat and wetness causes problems.

5. Go Commando

Your vagina needs to breathe. Try sleeping naked or without bottoms more often. You can also do an oversized tee or some loose shorts if you don’t feel comfortable going nude.

6. Avoid Tightness

Tight skinny jeans or tight bottom clothing do not let it breathe. Wearing looser bottoms also prevents ingrowns if you remove the hair.

7. Eat Right To Avoid Bad Smells: 

How you eat affects your whole body. If you eat junk, you will smell like junk. Eat healthy and try a natural sugar free probiotic yogurt. Water, fruits, raw sugar free cranberry juice, lemon water and apple cider vinegar are all great for boosting vagina health. Not eating sugar is also very beneficial. This is the most important feminine hygiene tip.

8. Never Ever Douche

It is extremely bad to douche. Never ever do it.

9. Wipe Front To Back

You do not want all the bacteria from your booty in that area. That’s how you get a UTI.

10. If You Still Notice a Strong Bad Smell or Bad Discharge.

It’s time to go to the doctor (gyno). 

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