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Fine Thin Hair: How To Get Big Volume & Hair Care Tips

1. Condition Ends Only

Stop putting conditioner on your scalp. Only condition your ends! You do not need to condition your roots because it’s new growth and you have oils to moisturise. Applying conditioner all over weighs down your fine/thin hair and flattens your roots.

2. Go Silicone Free

Silicones coat your hair and weight it down, making it flatter. Go for a silicone free condtioner, shampoo and styling product.

3. Use A Gentle Brush

Make sure your brush is gentle for your hair! Good options include a boar bristle brush and a tangle teezer.

Unless you have have curly or wavy hair, do not brush when wet and start from the bottom and work your way up. 

4. Dry With Cotton

Towel drying is too harsh on anyones hair, especially those with fine, thin hair. Start drying with an oversized cotton T-shirt. 

5. Sleep On Silk

A silk pillowcase is so much better for your skin and hair. Everyone should have one. Especially those with fine thin hair. Its gentle and prevents breakage.

6. Avoid Heavy Shampoo And Conditioner

Try going for a light, clear, gentle shampoo and conditioner. Nothing heavy, creamy and very moisturising. Sulfate free too.

7. Good Product

Applying a lot of product on your hair will weight it down. The less product, the less weight. Plus, a lot of hair products have ingredients that are just a no for thin, flat, fine hair. Shine serums especially. Pick your products wisely.

Find a good light root volumizer.

8. Tease Gently

Teasing your hair can be bad for it, but you can try gently teasing it with a tooth brush ( yes, tooth brush). or a bristle brush. This is a little extra step you can try for a little extra volume.

9. Switch The Part

If you always have your part the same way, switch it up. Putting your hair in the opposite direction will make it look bigger.

10. Blow Dry Upside Down

The best trick for volume is blow drying your hair upside down. You will get a lot of volume that way.

Finish with cool heat.

11. Thicken Hair

You can thicken your hair over time. Try taking a good biotin supplement.

You can also thicken your hair with simple Castor oil. Apply to your scalp. You can make it with coconut oil and add rosemary and peppermint essential oils for an even better result. The key is consistency. Apply this mask regularly and you will see a result.

12. Dry Shampoo On Clean Hair

Try applying dry shampoo next time on freshly clean hair. It is awesome for volume and gives hair texture.

Another thing you can try is texturizing spray.

13. Curls And Waves

Curls and waves make your thin, fine hair look fuller.

A good heatless way to do that is putting your damp hair into a twisted bun after blow drying upside down. For more curls, try space buns or Bantu knots. (lots of little buns).

Go to bed or leave it for a few hours and release to reveal volumized curls.

Going to bed with your hair up in a bun or a high ponytail or braids or two high braids is a great way to wake up with volume.

Another thing you can do is clip your hair on top like Snookie after almost drying. Then let down a few hours later and spray for volume.

14. Clarify

If you have been using a lot of product and dry shampoo it is important to detox and clarify to get rid of all that weight and product buildup that may be weighting down your hair.

Use a clarifying shampoo once every 2 weeks.

15. Stop Touching Your Hair

Oils are the thing that make your hair flatter faster. Make an effort to stop touching your hair. When you touch your hair it gets oilier faster because you are transferring the oils from your fingers on to your hair.

By the way, you can make a DIY dry shampoo with cornstarch and cacao powder ( for dark hair ). Apply with a bronzer brush. 

Make sure your hair brush is also clean when you use it. 

16. Colour Your Hair

Adding colour ( bleaching ) your hair gives it volume and texture believe it or not. You can try light highlights. Be careful with this though, because coloring fine, thin hair may not be the best thing for it.

17. Get a Beautiful Cut

Longer hair tends to look flatter because of more weight. Try going for a shorter cut. There are many beautiful short hairstyles that would flatter you and give you a fuller, bigger look.

Also, be careful with layers, because they can make your hair look thinner at the bottom.

18. Some More Volume Tricks

  • Brush your hair upside down and spray.
  • A few huge Velcro rollers in the crown area.
  • Use a crimper to crimp the roots underneath your top hairs.
  • A little bit of mousse on wet hair before blow drying gives you volume too.

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