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Flat Hair? This Is How To Get Big Volume

1. Blow Dry Upside Down

The best trick for flat hair is to blow dry your hair upside down. Flip your head and blow dry. Finish with cool heat. The result is amazing. You can then add spray. 

2. Condition Ends Only

Do not condition your scalp! You do not need to condition the roots and conditioning them flattens them and weights down your hair. Also, with shampoo, you only need to apply it on the scalp. You will see a huge difference.

3. Avoid Silicones

If your hair if fine/thin, gets greasy easily and just looks flat, you might want to try a silicone free conditioner and shampoo. If your hair is thin/fine go for a light conditioner. Light styling products also. Silicones weight down the hair.

4. Don’t Touch 

Oils are the thing that flatten your hair. Especially if it is thin/fine. Try not to touch your hair at all. Your fingers make your hair greasy much faster.

Also keep that hair brush clean! You don’t want those oils and buildup flattening your hair!

5. Heatless Curls

A high bun is a great way to do less curls/waves and its gives you a lot of volume. After drying, while your hair is still a bit damp, create a twisted bun on top of your head. If you want more, do two twisted side/space buns. For even more, create more little buns. After untieing, you can add some volume powder or spray.

Just sleeping with your hair up in a loose ponytail or a loose high braid can give you more volume. You can then add some spray for extra hold. You can also give your hair body by braids. Putting hair up in a ponytail or Ariana’s famous hairstyle and spray and release it.

You can also try pinning your hair up ala Snookie after washing it. Then release hours later for volume.

6. Try Brushing Your Hair Upside Down

Another thing you can try is after blow drying upside down, brush your hair upside down too. Then spray. That should also give you volume. During the day you can repeat.

7. Gently Tease With Brush and Bristle

Teasing your hair can be bad for it, but you can try gently teasing it with a tooth brush ( yes, tooth brush). or a bristle brush. This is a little extra step you can try for a little extra volume.

8. Dry Shampoo / Texture Spray At Roots

on clean hair. This gives you volume.

If not dry shampoo, try finding a good volumizing product like powder or spray. 

9. Velcro rollers. On Top.

Put big Velcro rollers on the top sections of your hair. You can add some product and spray. Then release for big bouncy curls.

10. Change Your Part

Changing/Flipping your part can give extra little added volume. Switch it often to the opposite site. Hair spray.

11. Get The Right Cut, Color And Perm

You might not believe it, but colouring ( bleaching your hair ) does give it more volume. You don’t need to colour all over, just adding a few some light highlights should do it.

Getting layers is another great trick to give you volume, but be careful with this if you hair is fine/thin. It can make your hair look thin at the bottom.

Getting a good shorter haircut gives you a fuller look because there is less weight.

Another thing you can look into is perming your hair. Perms are actually coming back into fashion. It doesn’t have to be full on curls, you can do waves or perming roots.

12. Mousse

Mousse can give you awesome volume. The key is using a little.

13. Detox Buildup

If you are a product junkie and love dry shampoo, you might want to detox your scalp from the product buildup so there is less weight and more volume. Use a clarifying shampoo once every 2 weeks.

14. Crimp Your Roots

Old school! Even though it’s been making a comeback lately. Who even has a crimper anymore? But seriously, crimping the roots can give you extra volume. Simply crimp underneath the top hairs so it is not visible.

Alternatively, you can use a hot tool and just heat the hair close to the roots, bend it up, use a bobby pin and then spray.

15. Look Into Your Shampoo and Heavy Products

Try going for a light, clear shampoo. A heavy, creamy moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can weigh your hair down. Don’t use too much of at the root heavy styling products either because that will just weight down more. 

Combine these methods together for bigger hair.

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