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Frizzy Hair: This is How You Get Rid Of It

Frizzy hair is extremely annoying. Luckily, there are ways you can get rid of it:

1. Get Yourself a Satin Pillowcase

It is so good for your hair! (and skin too!)

This will make your hair so much less frizzier and prevent breakage. Everyone should have one, especially those with frizzy hair.

2. Sulfates are Your Enemy

Look at your shampoo. If your shampoo has sulfates in them, throw it away immediately and don’t look back . It is way too harsh for your hair. Get yourself a shampoo that is sulfate free. 

Go for a silicone free conditioner too.

Also, try to find a shampoo that has glycerin as the main ingredient in it.

Do not wash your hair everyday, it’s bad for it.

And when shampooing, only apply the shampoo on your scalp.

And definitely try a cleansing conditioner!

3. Use a Cotton T Shirt To Dry Hair

Use an oversized cotton t shirt instead of a towel to dry your wet hair. It’s the right way to dry hair and helps with frizz. Towels are harsh on the hair, cause breakage and make your hair frizzy.

Pat, don’t rub!

You will see a huge difference.

4. Do A Cold Water Rinse

At the end of your shower, (you should be washing your hair with lukewarm, not hot water), give your hair a quick cold water rinse. This also helps minimize frizz.

If that’s too cold, try getting out the shower and bending over.

Seriously helps.

5. Oils are Your BFF

Put oils in your hair! Oils are amazing for frizz.

Before you shower, apply coconut oil for half an hour to 1 hour. You can also do this overnight. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil will make your hair so much smoother, more manageable and silky.

Argan oil, grapeseed oil and Moroccan oil also help with frizz. You can also add a little after drying.

6. Avoid Alcohol In Products

You will find alcohol in a lot of your products and shampoo. Try to avoid it, it is drying and bad for frizzy hair.

7. Deep Condition & Hydrating Masks

Do this more. You need more moisture for less frizz.

8. Give Your Hair a Break

If you over styling, over washing, overheating, just try to leave your hair alone for a bit. Let it air dry and wash less. Less breakage, less dryness, healthier hair equals less frizz. 

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