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Oily Hair? THIS is What You Do


Oily hair is extremely annoying. You can wash it every day, but who has the time? Plus with all the drying and styling only for it to start looking greasy a few hours later. Plus, washing it every day is not good for your hair. Also, greasy hair looks flat with no volume. Just no. Here is EVERYTHING you need do to get rid of oily hair:

1. Stop Touching Your Hair


Try not to touch your hair! At all! You might not notice it, but during the day you touch your hair A LOT. You move it, change the part, put it behind the ear, play with it. When you touch your hair, you are transferring the oils from your fingers on to your hair which makes it oilier so much faster. (Just like you shouldn’t be touching your face for better skin).

There are many up do hairstyles you can do.

2. Get The Right Shampoo


The shampoo you use is very important.

First, make sure your shampoo is sulfate free. Sulfate is too harsh which makes your scalp produce more oil. If your hair tends to look flat you might want to avoid silicone too.

Try a mild, gentle shampoo.

Also, go for a light, clear, translucent shampoo instead of a heavy creamy one.

If it says ”moisture” , ”shine” , it’s not for oily hair. Go for something that says ”volume” and ”detox” with ingredients like tea tree, green tea or clay.

It does take time to find the perfect shampoo and adjust to it. But it will make a HUGE difference in how oily your hair gets.

3. Change Your Conditioner


Just like the shampoo, you conditioner needs to be a light formula. Nothing heavy and creamy.

Sulfate and silicone free too.

4. Only Condition The Ends


If you have oily scalp, you only need to condition the mid/ends of your hair! Avoid the scalp!

5. Keep Your Brush Super Clean


Make sure to ALWAYS clean your brush! Before and after you wash your hair. The brush is full of oils, hair, product all of which makes your hair even oilier.

The same goes for your pillowcase. It adds extra grease to your hair. Change it to a clean one often.

6. Check Your Styling Products


All your styling products contain ingredients that make your hair greasy fast.

Serums, creams, oils, mousses, lotions.

Look for light formulas or better yet skip all of it. A tiny bit of volume powder at the roots at the most.

The less product, the less weight and less greasy looking hair.

7. Curl Your Hair


Try wearing your hair in curls/waves. Avoid straightening for that straight, sleek look. Your hair will take time to get oily and look better. There are so many heat less hairstyles you can do!

A simple trick you can do is blow dry your hair upside down on cool after washing it to lift the roots, brush it and put it in a twisted bun. For more curls do space buns or Bantu knots. (Lots of little buns) Optional: Add a tiny bit of volume powder at the roots. The result is beautiful, natural waves with volume. Super simple and easy.

8. Rinse Your Hair With ACV


This is something people with oily hair swear by.

Do an apple cider vinegar rinse. (It smells bad btw). Rinse before or after washing your hair.

Not only is it good for your hair, (makes it much shinier and healthier), but it detoxes, adds volume and gives you a day or two of clean hair.

9. DIY Dry Shampoo You Have To Try


Next time your hair gets oily:

Baby powder/Cornstarch/Arrowroot powder/Cacao ( For darker hair). Add vanilla and essential oils for a nice smell.

Next time your hair gets oily, sprinkle it into your roots like you would dry shampoo. Your hair will look good again.

Great alternative to dry shampoo, convenient and cheaper. Store in a jar and apply with a big bronzer brush. Try this in between washes.

10. Apply Dry Shampoo Before It Gets Oily


This is a trick that worked for a lot of people.

The trick is to apply dry shampoo BEFORE your hair has a chance to get oily! Try applying it the day before it gets greasy or overnight. 


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