strawberry legs

Strawberry Legs: THIS is how you get rid of them

Strawberry legs are those annoying dots you have on your legs. This is how you get rid of them:

1. Start Waxing, Sugaring Or Epilating

First, how you do remove the hair? The main cause of strawberry legs is wrong hair removal.

Switch from shaving to waxing or epilating. Sugar waxing is even better. You can wax at home and make your own sugar wax.

If you are going to shave, do it right:

  • Use fresh, sharp blades (never dull or blunt).
  • Soak the legs first in warm water for a few minutes.
  • Then exfoliate.
  • Apply shaving cream or conditioner or coconut oil and slowly shave in small strokes, making sure you don’t press hard.
  • Then, pat dry and apply an unscented lotion. Don’t skip any step.

But if you have strawberry legs you want to get rid of fast , it’s best not to shave for now and start waxing/sugaring/epilating instead.

And do not wear tight skinny jeans/pants after removing the hair because that actually causes ingrowns.

2. Exfoliate

Next what you are going to do, is exfoliate.

So there are two ways to exfoliate. Chemical and physical exfoliation.

For physical exfoliation you can make your own by mixing sugar and an oil like olive and coconut.

For chemical exfoliation, there is aha and bha. Chemical exfoliation is better and should give you faster results.

You need to start exfoliating your legs everyday or every other day.

3. Moisturize

This step is also very important. You are going to need to moisturize every single day.

After getting out of the shower and exfoliating , while your legs are still damp, apply lotion. Some good options are fragrance free, gentle lotions like aveeno, coconut oil mixed with some aloe, shea butter or cocoa butter. Everyone is different, so try to find a lotion that works for you.

So these are the most important steps. Daily exfoliation and moisturizing is key! Remember, be consistent with this!

4. It Actually Might Not Be Strawberry Legs, But ”Keratosis Pilaris”

”Keratosis Pilaris” is often confused with strawberry legs. But it is actually a genetic skin condition and you might have it even if you have never shaved.

If you have bumps then it might be it.

But regular exfoliation, moisturising, some sun exposure and dry brushing also do help!

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