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How to get rid of hooded eyes

Want to get rid of hooded eyes naturally? Then follow this guide. First, you need to figure out what is causing yours. 1. Excess skin Having too much eyelid skin can cause your hooded eye. 2. Low Brows Sometimes the cause of saggy eyelids are saggy, low brows. Look in the mirror. Using your fingers, […]

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strawberry legs

Strawberry Legs: THIS is how you get rid of them

Strawberry legs are those annoying dots you have on your legs. This is how you get rid of them. 1. Start Waxing, Sugaring Or Epilating First, how you do remove the hair? The main cause of strawberry legs is wrong hair removal. Switch from shaving to waxing or epilating. Sugar waxing is even better. You […]

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fine thin hair

Fine Thin Hair: How To Get Big Volume & Hair Care Tips

1. Condition Ends Only Stop putting conditioner on your scalp. Only condition your ends! You do not need to condition your roots because it’s new growth and you have oils to moisturise. Applying conditioner all over weighs down your fine/thin hair and flattens your roots. 2. Go Silicone Free Silicones coat your hair and weight […]

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feminine hygiene

Feminine Hygiene: 10 Tips You Need To Know

Here are 10 feminine hygiene tips and a feminine hygiene routine you NEED to know to avoid infections, bad smells and more problems: 1. Wear Cotton Yes, silk, satin, synthetic, lace underwear is pretty but it’s not good for your vagina. Your vagina needs to breathe so the best underwear to wear is cotton. It […]

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body skin care

Body Skin Care: Get Smooth, Soft, Silky Skin All Over

Body skin care is just as important as face skin care. You want smooth, soft, silky skin all over, so you not only look good, but feel good: 1. Cleanse Shower in lukewarm/warm water. It’s so much better for your skin! Hot water feels nice but strips the oils from your skin and leaves it […]

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